Services Provided

You want therapy, but aren’t sure what kind of therapy would be right for you. I work with adults and offer the following services. Click on each kind of therapy to link to a description of what that therapy involves.

  • Individual Adult Psychotherapy

  • Individual Adult Intensive Psychotherapy

  • Couples Psychotherapy

  • I believe that change occurs through the therapy relationship. The first session is the opportunity for you to see how it feels to work together with me. If you decide not to continue, there will be no charge for that one session.

    I offer clinical supervision for experienced and beginning therapists. Click on the link that fits for you.

  • Supervision for Experienced Therapists Working with Adults

  • Supervision for Maryland LGSWs Working with Adults

  • If you want to learn more about any of the services I provide, call me at 301-652-5507 or email to ask questions or schedule an appointment.