Uncomfortable Feelings

Why Therapy? You want things to be different, but that hasn’t happened yet, or not enough.

Feeling Unhappy or Depressed

  • You feel sad a lot of the time.
  • You don't have enough energy to get going.
  • You feel disappointed in yourself, or see yourself as not good enough.
  • You have a condition or illness that interferes with your life.
  • You don't have enough friends or can’t feel close to those you do have.
  • You really want a significant other, but can’t seem to find someone that feels right.
  • You are in a loving relationship or a marriage, but feel disappointed or unfulfilled.

  • Feeling Worried, Anxious or Afraid
  • You don't try things because you worry that you won’t be good enough.
  • You are so anxious that it is hard to really enjoy things.
  • You often feel embarrassed or ashamed.
  • You worry about lots of things, and feel overwhelmed about what to do.
  • You feel out-of-control.

  • Feeling Bored, Detached or Disengaged
  • There isn't enough in your life that feels wonderful or exciting or really interesting.
  • You feel like you are sleepwalking through your life.
  • You don't enjoy free time because you spend hours just wasting time.
  • You don’t really care about anything that you do, or anyone you spend time with.
  • Other people are really involved in their lives, but that’s not true for you.

  • Feeling Angry
  • You find yourself getting angry or feeling angry a lot.
  • Those close to you “just don’t get it right“, and that leaves you feeling frustrated.
  • You find yourself yelling a lot, or needing to walk away in the middle of things.

  • You’ve tried to change things by yourself, but now you are thinking about a therapist.

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