Individual Adult Psychotherapy

With therapy, you will begin to understand and appreciate the things that are really important to you. You will start to get more access to your insides, including unconscious expectations that interfere with you getting what want and need. Therapy will shift your understanding of yourself, others, and relationships, so that your insides work better for you. You will become more able to get your needs met, and you will feel more comfortable and happy with yourself and your life.

You and I will meet weekly for sessions. Our sessions will be 50 minutes long, and we will talk together about you and your life. Sometimes you will bring up something that happened since the last time we met. Sometimes you will being up something that happened before we even started therapy. Sometimes you’ll find yourself bringing up the same topic for a number of sessions in a row , or coming back to something we thought was finished, as you start to think differently about it. Sometimes you won’t be feeling anything pressing when you first walk in the door, but after a few minutes you will find something that you want us to talk about.

Usually we will be talking about things from your life, but sometimes you will bring up something that occurred in the room between you and me. Maybe I said or did something that really helped, and you want me to know for the future. Maybe I said something that hurt you or made you angry or confused you. Sometimes you won’t even realize your feelings until after the session is finished, and then you’ll find yourself bringing it up in a later session. I believe that everything you talk about with me is important and relevant and useful.

If you'd like to learn more about individual psychotherapy, call me at 301-652-5507 or email to ask questions or schedule an appointment.