Individual Adult Intensive Psychotherapy

Sometimes, after therapy has started, or even when we first start working together, it might be useful for us to have a schedule where we meet three or four times each week. Right now that might seem like too much therapy and you might wonder why someone would want to come that often, or how there would be enough to talk about.

Coming more frequently usually ends up making the work easier and more useful. It will often feel more comfortable thinking and talking about difficult things, when you know that you are coming back to my office the next day. It can also feel easier to remember important things, when there is not so much space between sessions.

Intensive psychotherapy (contemporary psychoanalysis) is very different than it was years ago. This is not the stereotype of an analyst who sits behind you and never talks. I practice Contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis, where you and I would focus together and talk together, about you. It is like once-a week therapy, but an opportunity to meet more often so that we can be more able to do all the work you want to do. It is not a sign that you are less healthy.

If you'd like to learn more about intensive psychotherapy, call me at 301-652-5507 or email to ask questions or schedule an appointment.